Machine Learning Simplified

Changing the way the world predicts.

We enable everyone to leverage machine learning. Anyone who takes a picture or uploads an image can build a custom machine learning model. Whether deploying a model for internal use in an application or sharing through the online marketplace, the experience is simple and quick.

Building Models

Our platform is designed to allow anyone to build their own custom machine learning model in minutes. The approach is simple: upload and tag your data and train your model.

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Model Deployment

We can privately host from the cloud, the edge or on-premise.

Every model you build comes with its own accuracy report, and when it works well, can be put into production immediately.

A simple API call returns the predicted values to your application and you can monitor the usage of all deployed models from inside the platform.

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The marketplace enables the buying and selling of machine learning models. Every model can be deployed and accessed by your application via our API. If you’re selling in the marketplace, built-in usage tracking will earn you money anytime someone uses your model.

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