Models Created

Companies are creating new models every day, without ever writing a line of code.


Hours Spent Training

Training a new model is easy, just tag your data and click train!


Gigabytes of Training Data

Store all your training data in the cloud, we make it easy.


Models Ready for Purchase

Check out the marketplace, the model you need might already exist!

Our Platform

This platform allows you to quickly get to market with your solution. Buy an existing machine learning model from the marketplace or make one of your own. Either way your solution will be up and running quickly.


Training deep learning models is easy with the Stream.ML platform.  No code is required and no previous knowledge of machine learning is necessary.


Deploying your model could not be easier, one click makes it ready for your consumption via a REST interface, with edge and on-premise deployments coming soon.


Using a standard REST call and an API key any prediction can be made.  You will be up and running in minutes.


Our platform is unique in its ability to allow model creators to publish their own models for others to use.  Head over to our marketplace and see if the model you need already exists.


Is your model something you want to share? Maybe it solves a small problem for many people?  You can choose to sell its predictions and reap the rewards!