Buyers solving problems, sellers providing solutions.

The marketplace enables the buying and selling of machine learning models.  With this comes seller features like subscriber tracking and monthly royalty payments.  The platform secures your investment so you can safely distribute your model without giving up your intellectual property.

As a buyer you get robust models with test results to backup their performance, simple deployment, immediate access, and simple-to-understand costs.

Buying a Model

The quickest way to get predictions is to purchase an existing model from the marketplace.  These models have been approved by our own data science team to ensure they meet the expectations of marketplace buyers.

If you don’t see a model that addresses your needs, and you don’t want to build it, lets us know what it is you are trying to detect, we will let qualified model builders know what you would like to see.

Selling Your Model

If you have an existing model that you think others might want to use, you can sell it through the marketplace.  Since you know best what the market will pay, you set the price per prediction.

Once you activate your merchant account, we will track usage, collect license revenue, provide reports, and pay you a royalty.